An Economical Substitute

I recently crocheted this sweater as a birthday gift for a family member and I’m fairly pleased with the way it turned out.

"Berme" crocheted sweater

(The pattern is called Berme, it has an “Easy” rating, and you can download it from the Berroco website.)

Someday, when I can afford to spend about $120 on really nice yarn, I would like to try making this sweater using the Berroco Borealis yarn recommended in the pattern.

However, in this case, I took the extreme economical route and used Lion Brand Homespun yarn as a substitute chunky yarn.

Because the Lion Brand Homespun yarn happened to be on sale after Christmas at my local JoAnn store, I ended up spending only $20 for the 5 skeins of yarn it took me to complete this project. The four buttons cost about $5, so the total cost of materials for this sweater was about $25.

As an added bonus, the gauge of the test swatch I made with the Lion Brand Homespun yarn matched the pattern’s gauge perfectly and required no adjustment in crochet hook size.

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