Titus and Pericles! Shakespeare on Facebook

While reading the complete works of William Shakespeare, I commented about him and his works on my Facebook wall. These posts are from May and June of 2013.

Now, you will see why I was warned away from Titus Andronicus!

Act I.

Facebook post about Act I of Titus Andronicus

Many murders. (Spoiler alert!)

Facebook post listing all the murders in Titus Andronicus

Reading Titus Andronicus got me thinking suspiciously.

Facebook post about Pericles, Prince of Tyre by Shakespeare


Facebook post about Pericles, Prince of Tyre by Shakespeare

Good Directions

Yes, this is really the name of a real road that exists near my home.

Road sign for a street name 000 North

Perhaps because I live on a corner along the main road in a small town, or perhaps because I look like a nice person, people driving by often stop to ask me for directions. (Of course, I always think of the perfect way to describe the necessary route about ten minutes after they leave.)

I once had to assure an older couple who were looking for their friends’ rural home that a road called 000 North really did exist. I pointed the way by telling them to backtrack along the highway and turn left when they saw an empty, leaning pole barn with an old pickup truck parked inside.

Still, every time I drive past this road sign, I smile and wonder about the name.

Headscarf Happiness

As I was browsing the Internet looking for new ways to style my naturally curly hair, I came across Wrapunzel, a blog with a lot of great video tutorials that teach you how to wrap your hair in beautiful and colorful headscarf styles.

I watched several video tutorials and then I tried this Double Twist wrap using two long scarves. I had a lot of fun wearing this style to work and I received a lot of positive comments from coworkers.

Double twist headscarf wrap

Close view of double twist headscarf wrap

So, I find I like wearing scarves on my head much better than I like wearing them around my neck!

And, although I am not Jewish, I  enjoyed reading the Wrapunzel blog and learning about the orthodox Jewish traditions that inspired the blog’s creator to start making tutorial videos showing different styles of headscarf hair wraps.

Life Lessons from Cymbeline! Shakespeare on Facebook

During my long project (2 years, 9 months, 18 days) to read the complete works of William Shakespeare, comments about him and his works showed up on my Facebook wall.

I had a lot of fun reading Cymbeline in May of 2013.

Cymbeline is a dude?

Cymbeline is the king of Britain

My impressions of Iachimo:

Iachimo is a weird man

Three things I learned:

Three lessons from Cymbeline

The importance of birthmarks, etc.

The importance of birthmarks