Some More Words I Learned from Sir Walter Scott

As I was reading Old Mortality by Sir Walter Scott, I came across the following words, which sent me to the dictionaries and the encyclopedias.


A man mentioned in the Bible in the Book of Joshua in connection with the fall of Jericho and conquest of Ai. (Wikipedia)


From or in an earlier time (used to indicate that someone or something once possessed a specified characteristic but no longer does so.) (Oxford Dictionaries, Wikipedia)


The doctrine that the state is superior to the church in ecclesiastical matters. It is named after the 16th-century Swiss physician and Zwinglian theologian Thomas Erastus, who never held such a doctrine. (Encyclopaedia Britannica)


A traditional Scottish dish of creamed kale and oats (Celtnet Recipes; How Stuff Works, Visit Dunkeld) [I may have to try these kale brose recipes!]


A person who supported an episcopal view church government (, Wikipedia, EHow)


A spring onion (


A mounted sentry in advance of the outposts of an army. (The Free Dictionary)

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