The Venerable Wall Lamp Makeover

The Story

Old pink wall lampI’ve had this wall lamp since I was an elementary school kid.

I remember my dad hanging it on the wall of my basement bedroom, which had a floor made from fairly large streaky-pink square asphalt tiles, circa 1950 when our house was built. The pink wall lamp matched the pink floor.

When I left home, this wall lamp  moved along with me. Now that it’s about twenty years old—and because my current bedroom is not pink—I decided it was time to give the venerable wall lamp an update.

The Makeover

I measured the now faded and cracked pink shade and bought a new white shade online at Lamps Plus (which had a user-friendly website and good customer service).

Then, I purchased a can of Valspar spray paint and a can of Valspar clear sealant at my local Lowe’s home improvement store. I sprayed the metal frame with several coats of the white spray paint, and then I sprayed it with a few coats of the clear sealant. (I hung the metal frame by its cord on my outdoor clothesline, which made it easy for me to spray all sides of it at once.)

New white wall lampAnd voilá! The new and improved wall lamp. This was just about the easiest furniture update I’ve ever done.

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