The Epic Epicenter

Recently, I rode the Amtrak California Zephyr from Utah to Colorado. From the train, I took this photo of the epicenter of Green River, Utah.

A sign painted on the side of a brick building, "You Are Here, Green River Epicenter"


Green River is located in a starkly beautiful desert along the base of the Book Cliffs mountain range and is famous for its watermelons.

Green River is also a popular area for freeride mountain biking.

A Slew of Words I Learned From Sir Walter Scott

I’m still reading the novel The Abbot by Sir Walter Scott. And—great Scott!—I’m still learning new words!


A heresiarch is a person who is the originator of heretical doctrine, or a person who is the founder of a sect that sustains such a doctrine. (Wikipedia)


A marplot is a person who frustrates or ruins a plan or undertaking by meddling. (


A morisco was a former Muslim who was forced to convert to Christianity rather than face death or expulsion from Spain. Over time, the term morisco was used pejoratively to refer to nominal Catholics who were suspected of secretly practicing Islam. (Wikipedia)


A runagate is a fugitive or runaway and a vagabond or wanderer. (


The phrase “with a wanion” is equivalent in meaning to the phrases “with a vengeance,” “with a plague,” or “with misfortune.” (The Free Dictionary)


A weasand is a throat, esophagus, gullet, trachea, or windpipe. (


A yoldring is a species of bunting, which is also called a yellowhammer. (What Does That Mean?) In turn, a bunting is any of several small, chiefly seed-eating birds of the genera Emberiza, Passerina, and Plectrophena. (