Further Words I Learned From Sir Walter Scott

Someday, I will make it to the end of the novel The Abbot by Sir Walter Scott. In the meantime, I keep learning new words!


Bellona is an ancient Roman goddess of war, often associated with Mars. Her main attribute is the military helmet that she wears on her head. She often holds a sword, a shield, or other weapons of battle. (Wikipedia)


A church is a simple, close-fitting cap worn by women in colonial America and a kerchief worn by Scottish women. (Dictionary.com)


A knosp is a bud-like ornament. (Dictionary.com)


A massy-more is the underground dungeon of a castle. (Collins Dictionary)


A petronel is a 16th or 17th century firearm, described by a contemporary as a firearm used by horsemen. (Wikipedia)


A pilniewinks is a medieval instrument of torture for the fingers and thumbs. (Collins Dictionary)


A thumbikins is an instrument of torture for compressing the thumb. It is also known as a thumbscrew or a thumbikin. (Wiktionary)


A vasquine is a close-fitting bodice with tabs, or a basque. In England, the word vasquine has been used to refer to a petticoat. A basque, by the way, is a section of bodice below the waist, shaped to the hips. (Corset Terms Dictionary)

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