The Hair in the Bathroom

The Problem

As a typical human being, I’ve got about 100,000 hairs on my head. At any given moment, about 90 percent of those hairs are in a growing phase—interestingly, each hair has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years—and about 10 percent of them are in a resting phase. After the resting phase, the roots loosen and the hairs fall away from my head.

Again, as a typical human being, it is normal for me to lose about 100 hairs a day. What this means in real life is that a lot of my former hairs end up lying around on the bathroom floor.

But, as I am a tidy soul, I don’t enjoy having (or seeing) strands of hair drifting about and collecting in the corners of the bathroom.

The Solution

Several years ago, I bought a handy little dust buster vacuum, which stays plugged in and neatly tucked behind the toilet. Its sole purpose is to vacuum up the hair in the bathroom.

About every other day, I run this little vacuum over the floor and into the corners of the bathroom to collect the hundreds of hairs that have taken leave of my head. It works great!

A dust buster vacuum neatly tucked away in the bathroom


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