Almost Curvy

The Interesting Information

Recently—thanks to an Internet search brought about by my adventures shopping for jeans that fit—I learned that there is a real way to determine if one has a curvy figure.

This is a measurement that clothing designers use when designing “curvy” styles for women who have a “curvy” body type.

You are officially curvy if you have a waist-to-hip differential of 0.75.

For example, my waist measurement is 30″ and my hip measurement is 36″.

When I multiply my hip measurement of 36″ by 0.75, the result is 27″.

So, if my waist measurement were 27″, I would have an officially “curvy” figure.
However, because my actual waist measurement is 30″, I have an “almost curvy” figure.

The Real Life Implications

In real life—probably because I also have a very short waist*—I find that jeans with a curvy cut through the waist and hip fit me much better than jeans with a regular, straight, or loose fit through the waist and hip.

So, even if you don’t think of yourself as having a curvy figure, you can take some measurements and find out for certain. Knowing this may help you try on the right jeans during future shopping expeditions!

*I also learned that there are several ways to determine if one has a short, regular, or long waist. A topic to cover in another post!

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