How to Mitre a Corner

What I Was Reading

A vintage paperback romance novel titled A Gem of a Girl

So, I was reading this vintage romance novel, A Gem of a Girl by Betty Neels, which begins like this:

“Gemma was at the top of the house making beds when she heard the ominous shattering of glass. The boys were in the garden, kicking a football around, and she wondered which window it was this time. She mitred a corner neatly; news, especially bad news, travelled fast, someone would be along to tell her quickly enough.”


And I was suddenly inspired to brush up my bed-making skills! I hied me to The Internet and looked up the best methods for making “hospital corners” when making a bed.

How to Mitre Corners on Bedsheets

Here is a good tutorial titled on How to Make a Bed Using Hospital Corners.

And here is another tutorial—with a delightfully retro theme—on How to Make a Bed from one of my favorite blogs, The Art of Manliness.

More About Betty Neels

To learn more about Betty Neels and the more than 130 endearing romance novels—most of them about Rich Dutch Doctors and Young British Nurses—she wrote from 1969 to 2001, hie thyself off to the hilarious and affectionate blog The Uncrushable Jersey Dress.

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