Messages for Easter 2016

Here are some lovely Easter messages that have made their way into my world recently.


I heard this poem for the first time this week and I love it. It was written in 1913 by Marcella Marie Holloway, who was a Catholic playwright and poet who became a nun in 1932.

The Risk
by Marcella Marie Holloway

You take a risk when you invite the Lord
Whether to dine or talk the afternoon
Away, for always the unexpected soon
Turns up: a woman breaks her precious nard,
A sinner does the task you should assume,
A leper who is cleansed must show his proof:

Suddenly you see your very roof removed
And a cripple clutters up your living room.
There’s no telling what to expect when Christ
Walks in your door. The table set for four
Must often be enlarged and decorum
Thrown to the wind. It’s His voice that calls them
And it’s no use to bolt and bar the door:
His kingdom knows no bounds of roof, or wall, or floor.


The Easter video “#Hallelujah” is a companion to the Christmas video “A Savior is Born.” I love the beautiful people and scenery and the heartfelt messages in both videos.

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