A Word I Learned from Emilie Loring

I’ve always liked reading “vintage” books and I’ve been immersing myself in Emilie Loring novels lately. I’ve read eight so far and I have five more sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.

Emilie Loring lived from 1866 to 1951 and was a prolific writer of wholesome and patriotic action-adventure romance novels.

As I read, I kept coming across the word “maline” in Loring’s descriptions of clouds, fog, mist, and smoke and I finally decided to look it up:

Maline—A delicate type of silk net used in dressmaking.

These are the thirty novels Emilie Loring wrote herself from 1922 to 1950.
(After she died in 1951, her family had twenty more novels published under her name, which were based on her unpublished materials.)

1922 The Trail of Conflict
(You can download this novel for free from Project Gutenberg)

1924 Here Comes the Sun!

1925 A Certain Crossroad

1927 The Solitary Horseman

1928 Gay Courage

1929 Swift Water

1930 Lighted Windows

1931 Fair Tomorrow

1932 Uncharted Seas

1933 Hilltops Clear

1934 We Ride the Gale

1934 With Banners

1935 It’s a Great World!

1936 Give Me One Summer

1937 As Long As I Live

1938 High of Heart

1938 Today Is Yours

1939 Across the Years

1940 There Is Always Love

1941 Stars in Your Eyes

1941 Where Beauty Dwells

1942 Rainbow at Dusk

1943 When Hearts are Light Again

1944 Keepers of the Faith

1945 Beyond the Sound of Guns

1946 Bright Skies

1947 Beckoning Trails

1948 I Hear Adventure Calling

1949 Love Came Laughing By

1950 To Love and to Honor

5 thoughts on “A Word I Learned from Emilie Loring

    • It was a year or so ago that I found Emilie Loring! I came across her name in various blogs while I was doing an internet search looking for books by authors similar to authors such as Essie Summers, Mary Burchell, Mary Stewart, Lucy Maude Montgomery, Grace Livingston Hill, and others.

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