New-to-me Christmas Songs

I was pleased to come across these new-to-me Christmas songs during the past week!

“The Light of Christmas Morn” by Sarah Hart

I love this song and I am resolved to learn the beautiful lyrics so that I can sing it to myself while driving.

Celtic Woman also performed a good, but abbreviated version of this song, with several verses left out.

“Christ is Born” by the Carpenters

When I bought a new vehicle earlier this year, I discovered in the CD player a Carpenters Christmas album that the previous owners had forgotten! “Christ is Born” was a Christmas song I’d never heard before.

Not Fast, But Reliable

I recently misplaced my beloved brass-tipped windshield ice scraper and I went online to search for a replacement. I was intrigued by this review of the Swedish Ice Scraper, so I ordered a set.

As you might guess, the Swedish Ice Scraper comes from Sweden. This forthright email I received about the merits and drawbacks of Swedish Post made me laugh and made my day.

An email stating that Swedish Post is not fast, but is reliable.