Nostalgia! A Working Walkman

A Walkman portable radio/cassette tape playerApparently—and amazingly—I own a working Walkman portable radio/cassette tape player.

I came across this Walkman this afternoon while I was sorting USB and charger cables. I popped in some batteries, popped in Golden Greats by The Ventures—a tape which I just happen to have, along with a couple of Johnny Horton tapes, because I’m slow to let go of old technology—connected it to some speakers (also old), and presto—it worked!

A working Walkman portable radio/cassette tape player

Right now, I’m listening to “Wipe-Out.” It’s the last song on Side 1, so pretty soon I’ll get to flip the tape to Side 2. How fun!

This Walkman, and a couple of others like it, were used by me and my siblings on many a family road trip during the early 1990s when I was young.