Beware Titus Andronicus! Shakespeare on Facebook

During my long project (2 years, 9 months, 18 days) to read the complete works of William Shakespeare, I made frequent comments about him and his works on Facebook.

Because I just had to share the fun.

From May to November, the saga of the Kings Henry was my literary prime-time drama:

Facebook post about Shakespeare's King Henry plays

And then came Richard, that mesmeric villain.

Facebook post about Shakespeare Richard III play

February can be a depressing month.

Facebook post quoting Shakespeare

Those tragedies always end badly!

Facebook post about Shakespeare tragedies

In which I am warned away from Titus Andronicus.

Facebook post about Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus play

How Now, Mad Wag!

So, it took me 2 years, 9 months, and 18 days to read the complete works of William Shakespeare.

A little more than a year into my reading, my thoughts about Shakespeare started to show up on Facebook.

It was inevitable.

This was the first indication on my Facebook wall that I had Shakespeare on the brain.

"The Hokey Pokey" written in Shakespearean style

You all remember that catchy song from the musical Kiss Me, Kate, right?

Facebook post about brushing up your Shakespeare

There is no brown cow in Shakespeare, but there is a rat and a mad wag.

Facebook post quoting Shakespeare

After I finished reading the comedies, I looked ahead, and all I could see were Henrys ad infinitum. But it was all good because they were all good.

Facebook post about all the King Henrys in Shakespeare