Tires and Tribulations

This is the second time this has happened to me and my tires this year. Sadly, this is a brand-new tire.

tire impaled by screw







Fortunately, both of my 2013 tire casualties were slow-leak cases and not all-at-once blowouts.

The first time I discovered a flattened tire on my vehicle, a summer Sunday evening church activity had just concluded and I was wearing a dress. So, I was grateful that there were good lights in the church parking lot and that a personable young man (attired in suit and tie) gallantly took over, removing the flat and installing the spare.

I went to my tire shop the next morning, and all was eventually well, especially since my tires were still under warranty and the shop gave me a brand-new tire when the flat proved to be irreparable. Then, because I had three pretty old tires and one brand-new tire on my vehicle, I bought another new tire, just to even things out until spring, when my budget will allow for all my tires to be new.

The second time I discovered a flattened tire on my vehicle, which was yesterday, there were no personable young men about to help, but I did get to practice changing a tire, start to finish, all by myself in the comfort of my own driveway on a warm and sunny almost-winter afternoon. I was really rusty at changing a tire, so it was good for me to practice. (As I am more svelte than strong, I have to hold onto my roof rack and stand on the tire iron to get the lug nuts loose.)

So, although I had the sad experience of driving over a screw this weekend and getting a slow-leaking flat tire a result, my tire tribulations could have been much worse. I’m just hoping that the third time will not be the charm.