Good Directions

Yes, this is really the name of a real road that exists near my home.

Road sign for a street name 000 North

Perhaps because I live on a corner along the main road in a small town, or perhaps because I look like a nice person, people driving by often stop to ask me for directions. (Of course, I always think of the perfect way to describe the necessary route about ten minutes after they leave.)

I once had to assure an older couple who were looking for their friends’ rural home that a road called 000 North really did exist. I pointed the way by telling them to backtrack along the highway and turn left when they saw an empty, leaning pole barn with an old pickup truck parked inside.

Still, every time I drive past this road sign, I smile and wonder about the name.

No Destruction Allowed

This is a concise and inclusive list of prohibited activities that I spotted on a sign posted near a covered bridge spanning a lively little river in Vermont.

Sign prohibiting a range of activities

I’m particularly intrigued by the warning, “NO Destruction,” which seems to be very general and very comprehensive at the same time.

Because, you just know that at some point, some person must have done one or more of these things to warrant them being included on the sign.